Lighting for Corporate Exhibits and Trade Shows

By Paul Dexter

corporate lightingMasterworks' foremost goal is to create a complete visual media representation for corporate identity and provide tools and design intelligence to ultimately showcase your company's product or service.

The Situation
Walking the exhibit floor, passing attendees need an eye-catching trick that commands attention - one that compels them to stop and see what you have to offer.

Winner of the 20th Annual Exhibitor Magazine Gold Design Award 2006Winner of the 20th Annual Exhibitor Magazine Gold Design Award 2006

Because exhibits are essentially live entertainment media, it is a world that can be easily summed up: In the media world, short sound bites rule and are fueled further with shorter attention spans.

The Problem
In this case, scores of attendees are attempting to blitz the show floor in a limited time, among various and regular interruptions and still try to take in as much as possible. Exhibits and trade shows are inherently the cause of an information overload problem.

Let's face it; it's impractical to expect that each and every exhibit will receive full or equal attention! There's a time management issue for the attendee to devote only to what they know already; what they have researched to specifically see or; if the exhibit has a unique visual attraction - enough to draw their attention to it!

Digital Chandelier at corporate exhibitAsk Questions
We've clearly identified there's competition for passing business. If you're an exhibitor, why not use a design containing diverse live visual media knowledge? One that enters your exhibit or trade show into the competition, at least a fighting chance to get enough of the prospective customer's time, to inform them of your great service and product? Or, if your company's already a brand name in your field, maybe it's time to raise the bar even higher with new scenic and lighting ideas? These days, media technology shelf life is about 24-36 months!

The Solution
Digital Chandelier at corporate eventAt the end of the day, it's all about presenting the cleverest options to compliment your message - not overshadow it. And, by the way... Masterworks is highly conscience about budgets and will work with you to help meet your goals. Advice and recommendations about what to realistically expect for your budget are free!

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