Lighting for Live Special Events and Concerts

One-off Live Concerts, Video Location Filming, Movie Premier Parties/Openings, Entertainment Conferences or Corporate Parties, High-Profile Weddings
By Paul Dexter

Digital Chandelier Lighting for Corporate EventsComing from an entertainment touring background, the job of designing scenic and lighting for a Special Event is equal to conducting an opening performance in front of a live audience with no rehearsals!


There is a tremendous amount of coordination and attention to detail needed and politics and diplomacy involved, leading up to and managing a Special Event in order for it to run smoothly, as if it had been rehearsed.

For one, it takes a small, but coordinated army of people, from timely deliveries to expert caterers and production staff that have to work together in an opportune way. And, each person must perform their respective duties - with the hope that no one will be the weak link in the chain. Schedules are normally tight!

Lighting for Special WeddingsDesign

Next, design is paramount. What makes the difference in each and every special event? A good designer accesses the entire situation for the practical and logistical portion of design as well as the visual outcome and how it will interact with the given environment and people that are attending.


Let's say that the event location is in the street or a tent. Where's the power coming from? Are there ideas of grand chandeliers hanging from the ceiling? Well, it could be that it is not structurally safe and if not, what will the options be? Anyway, the point is, there is a lot to consider and experience plays a huge role in the success of the Event - Masterworks has years of practical experience to draw from.

Form and Continuity

Finally, what about developing the desired look? What about art and theme continuity? Because Lighting, Video and Scenic elements for a Special Event often have to conform to the environment, it could be limiting - unless of course innovation, creative input and equipment resources happily collide.

Rock Concert Lighting for Dr. John & Taj Mahal

Reliability and Service

Masterworks have a vast circle of vendor relationships and a talent pool that continually researches the marketplace for clever new solutions for any unusual situation. A collision of like minds and equipment, in this instance, is no accident!

Yamagata Art InstallationFor a beginning to end visual process - CAD to opening night - Masterworks service and project dedication will be there with you the whole way.

Call now for your free consultation, site survey and budget assumptions. It is the first step to making your event a memorable one!